“It's a matter of bombing, knowing that I can do it.
Every time I get into a train, almost every day I see my name.
I say, ''Yeah, you know it. I was there, I bombed it.''
It's for me. It's not for nobody else to see.
I don't care-- l don't care about nobody else seeing it,
or the fact if they can read it or not.
It's for me and other graffiti writers, that we can read it.
These other people who don't write, they're excluded.
I don't care about them, you know?
They don't matter to me.
It's for us. “

This famous Style Wars quote by Skeme back in 1983
is what inspired us to found our studio.
After working on books such as “The Art of Rage” by Rage, “Von U Bis V” by Edward Nightingale, “Memento Mori” or “Graffiti Avantgarde” by Moses&Taps™, helping friends like Otis and Ale to realize their projects, we understood that working with printed matter is the best way to preserve our "whole miserable subculture".

Now, technology is omnipresent, causing an abundance of visual content.
Frictionless and equipped with the possibility of instant gratification, social media seems to have replaced classical magazines. Yet, books have regained importance, providing exclusive glimpses and careful curation.

It’s for us is here to conserve the panels, the moments and the visuals that resulted as a byproduct of this unique lifestyle.
Skeme had the chance to speak for his generation.
Now it is our turn to tell our stories for the years to come.