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"Genesis" by Alonso Alcalde - Exhibition catalogue

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Genesis is the catalogue of Alonso Alcalde's first solo exhibition at the Crack Kids Gallery in Lisbon.

In this catalogue you find the artists most recent work wich he made during the pandemic and after finishing his first book “Patiperro - the diary of a Sudaka”.

Genesis also contains pictures of objects and experiences that inspired Alonso to realise his works. The artworks are made of trainwriting pictures and printing sheets of the books “Patiperro” & “You can't always win” wich he altered and collaged with scissors & waterbased spray paint.
While all pictures are taken by Alonso Alcalde and Edward Nightingale, the introduction is written by independent curator Pietro Rivasi.

Edition of 70
Format: 24 x 30 cm
Pages: 64
Language: English
Blue stitched binding
Hardcover with open spine
Printed and bound in Germany